When you’re brave, the magic happens! 

When you’re brave, the magic happens! 

That’s right, when you’re brave and believe in yourself the magic really does happen and you set yourself free. 

The second-guessing stops. 

The voices of doubt fade away.

The opinion of others is lost. 

Disappointing yourself becomes a thing of the past, and you become unapologetically YOU.

Maybe you’re a senior PR director looking to smash that glass ceiling if only you could push on through and make your voice heard.  

You could be the ambitious owner of an innovative, creative side hustle you want to set free, but you need a sidekick to propel you to the success that’s waiting for you.  

CEO might be your next move, but upping your game, knowing your worth, and putting yourself forward is the only way to make the title yours. 

Maternity leave has left you wanting to leave city toxicity behind, and you know that a fierce new business path lies ahead if only you can crack imposter syndrome and stop scrolling IG.

Feeling stuck and stagnant in a career that looks good on paper has left you feeling empty and lost. 

You’re done with city living but persuading your partner to move to the countryside is proving impossible and you know you don’t have time to waste.  

Whoever you are, and whatever you want to do, I’m here as your coach, your mentor, and your biggest cheerleader and I can tell you that success is in your grasp. 

Natalie Trice

I know that quashing the fear that has kept you safe, feels hard, but I also know that deep down you’re made of stronger stuff and there is so much more for you to achieve and enjoy. 

You have what it takes to shake things up and move ahead with bravery, passion, and steadfast commitment and I’m the woman to share that courageous journey with. 

Forget the templates, free challenges, and wishy-washy promises of freedom in a week, instead, invest in yourself and finally break free from the voices that tell you aren’t enough and start to believe you’ve always been more than enough! 

By blending a global PR career, extensive experience as a business owner and charity founder, with gold standard, ICF accredited coaching skills, mental health first aid training, and a super-sized side serving of arse-kicking bravery, I bring something unique to the table.

My mission is to awaken the bravery in women around the world and empower them to lead bold, authentic lives where they feel strong, valued, and visible.  I bring women together, offer them a safe space to explore their reality, and inspire them to step into their power for once, and for all.

By sharing my expertise, learnings and skills, I encourage connection and collaboration, and through this my clients unlock their potential, dial down the voices of doubt, and tune into ‘let’s do this’ FM.

From potent one-off sessions and long-term transformative partnerships, to high-value memberships, collaborative group programmes, online courses, and mission led masterminds, I offer many ways for women to be part of my brave world, so they can make positive, sustainable changes to theirs.  After an illustrious, global PR career, I now work from my office in south Devon, drawing my inspiration from the strength of the sea and the energy of my sons, and when it comes to coffee, it’s got to be strong, just like my work ethic and determination to helps others to be seen and heard. 


I won’t lie, I’ve made mistakes, many, and those pesky limiting beliefs jump on my shoulder and try to sing now and again, but I’m committed to living a life based on taking bold, decisive actions. I’ve been lost and broken, paralysed by fear and ready to stand down due to noise of comparison, but with bravery in my DNA, giving up was never an option, and the same goes for you.
The question is, are you ready to build your bravery toolkit and take your life, self-worth and belief to the next level? If you are, get in touch today and take your first step towards becoming braver, more visible and happier than you ever thought possible.
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