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Whether you’re a PR professional looking for move your career ahead, any agency owner wanting to grow, or a business owner looking to your own PR, you’ve come to the right place. I guarantee that if you work with me, you’ll dial down the doubts that have kept you stuck, tune into the brave vibes that will lead doing work love, build a career you are passionate about, and in the process you’ll reach a whole new level of self-belief and confidence. 

There are a number of ways to work with me, and whether you go for a one-off, deep-dive session, group mentoring, long term one-to-one coaching, take a course, join my PR training sessions, or read my books, shifts will take place and monumental change will happen. 

I have combined gold stamp ICF coach training, and accreditation, with a two-decade, world-class PR career, over 15 years as a business owner and charity founder, to create a brave new coaching approach that will help you secure sustainable, transformative results and allow you to be ambitious and brave in the PR world. 

While I don’t have a magic wand and change doesn’t happen overnight, if you commit to change, do the work, listen to your intuition and adopt a fearless attitude, you will see changes you probably thought were impossible before we started on your path to freedom. 

One-Off, Deep-Dive Sessions

I know not everyone wants or  needs, ongoing support, so I offer one-off, potent, powerful coaching and mentoring sessions for clients who want to learn something new or have a specific issue to discuss, deal with and then action.

Whether it’s nailing press releases, finding the confidence to pitch new business contacts, or wanting a pre-interview, bravery infused confidence boost, I offer 60 and 90 minutes sessions so you can tap into my expertise and benefit from my brave approach.

One-to-One ongoing coaching Packages

For clients who are looking for long-term support, accountability, and are ready to face their fears, shift their energy, and are ready to make brave, sustainable progress, as well as powerful changes in their lives and careers, I’ve got this covered.

Three, six, and twelve months packages are for you if you want to explore where you are right now, where you want to be in the future, and together we will embark on a journey of brave change and courageous discovery.

 My SuperCharge Your PR Career Packages have been create to empower PR professionals take control of where they going, so they can confidently steer in the right direction, and exceed their potential.

Clients from around the world work with me because not only am I a qualified, ICF accredited coach but because I’ve often been in their shoes – be that changing careers, setting up a business, writing a book, launching a charity or relocating somewhere totally new. I provide a safe space to unpack what’s going on, without fear of judgement or come back, so they can go out and create a strong foundation for the future, and a stage from which they can bravely show up and be unapologetically visible, on their terms.

As well as regular calls, long term clients get email access to me during the working day, with a response within 24 hours, they are sent a welcome pack that is personalised for them, and with contracting from the start, clear goals and expectations set.

My clients know they are in safe hands from our very first call, and having a place at my table, means they know they are on the road to success.

Booking a call with me is the first step on the path to bold changes and brave empowerment, so get in touch today and see how I could help you truly become the strong woman you were born to be. 

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