Why I am unapologetic for changing my mind

In December, I decided to not just pivot my career, but change it totally. 
After working in the world of PR for well over two decades, I was feeling tired, jaded and quite frankly fed up. 

I won’t lie, my time in the media world was brilliant and I had some amazing jobs, but just like that comfy pair of slippers we try to hold onto, one day the holes give in and it’s time to step into something new. 

Making the decision was something that took a while, and I am writing this blog post a year after the big changes started, changes that were forced upon me, but one that have made me look at change in a new way. 

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Lockdown one memories are flooding my Facebook at the moment, and today I scrolled past the post where I lost my longest standing client and I know at the time it hurt and as I sat looking out across the sea that evening, I cried for the business I had spent years creating that was falling apart. 
But, I wasn’t going to let that break me, I wonder if I knew just how long this pandemic was going to last, I might have just wrapped up my husband, kids and dogs in a blanket and hibernate for the duration. 

That actually wasn’t an option (and the smell could have been pretty bad) and I am not sure they would have been up for it, and if you know me, I am not one to give up, so I didn’t.  Over the past12 months I have been on a self discovery journey, one which I know to the outside world might look like I having been changing my mind, switching things up and the truth is, that is exactly what I have been doing. 

While the PR work picked up again last summer, I was hooked on my ocachinh work and going through the training as well as the process of ICF accreditation, my inclination to come up with a lot of ideas was running free and yes, I have tried many things. 

Online events. 
Zoom calls. 
One to one coaching. 
The Good Enough Coach. 
The Visibility Duchess. 
I only worked with PR people, now I don’t just work with PR people as I know my coaching can help so many more outside of the industry where my comfort zone fell.
A membership. 
A mastermind. 
University lecturing. 

And while I haven’t keep all of these things, it has been fun to do them and a way of learning who I do want to be and what I do want to do. 

They have given me a focus when we had little control over the world around us. 

They have changed lives, yes, really as my clients have launched businesses, written books, set new boundaries, left jobs, said no to toxic clients, put their hand up for promotions, and secured new roles that, in the past, they thought they couldn’t even apply for.

All of these things are part of a journey towards what makes my heart sings and allows me to identify my strengths and passions so I can offer my clients, my friends, my family the best of me, and more importantly, I can go to sleep at night knowing that I am being true to myself.

Letting go of the PR world was pretty easy, and I do still have half a Jimmy Choo in that world as I lecture and train in PR, as well as doing my own – so it would seem you can take the out of Ab Fab, but you can’t take the Ab Fab out of the world. 

So, why am I telling you this? 

I am doing it so you know that you can change your mind, and people don’t like it or think you are being a flake, they are not your people. Those who love and respect you, will know that is what make you, you.

You can try out ideas. 

You can take courses and take part in challenges. 

You can experiment with social media platforms. 

You can say nothing or share it all. 

There is no right or wrong way to follow your true path, and it is only by following the path that is true to you, that you will find your destination. 

There is no way I will say that I won’t change things up again, because I will. 

I am pretty sure that there will be new courses, name changes, new groups opening, old pages closing and I am happy with that. 

What we have to ask ourselves is, what’s the benefit of not changing? 

What is the impact of not following our dreams and broadening our goals? 

What’s the point of staying small for fear of what others might think when it is actually the fear of what they might think that keeps up small. 

I don’t know about you, but I am not here to hide in the shadows, to play my cards close to my chest or too stick to something that isn’t working just because at some point, it did work or I thought it would work. 

I am here to have an opinion. 

To have a voice. 

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To try things out and then to put them away if they are not going to take me 
I guess, in a way, that 23 years working in PR was like a marriage, that is now over, and with some many opportunities out there, it’s like I am on Tinder seeing where the right fit is going to be next.

Not every idea will look like it did in my head, not every networking event will live up to its potential, and not everyone will like me, and I am totally
OK with all of that. 

What I am not OK, and will never apologise for, is wanting to challenge myself to be the very best version of me and ensuring I am not left behind when it comes to helping other women make their own brave, bold choices. 

Let’s stop holding back and settling for OK, and instead let’s hold out for what makes our hearts truly sing and find the sunshine that will set our souls on fires. 

Yes I change my mind, but everytime I change it, success happens and follows me to the next place I am meant to be in. 

The question is, are you ready to make your next move and change what is no longer working for you? 


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