Where do we go now?

‘Where do we go now?”

As I wrote that line, my mind when back to a Guns N’ Roses concert at Wembley Stadium in 1992 that I dragged my best friend along to. 

Weren’t those easier times? 

The sun was beating down on us.

The venue was packed. 

Masks were nowhere to be seen. 

Heaven knows we need anti-bac for the loos!

Social distancing – err, what would that even meant to us back then?

With university beckoning in September, after a trip to the US on my own for a month, the future was looking pretty exciting and while anxiety may have kicked at my dusty DMs now and again, I took each day at a time. 

Did I know where I was going, absolutely not, did it matter, not really. 

Youth is a great thing and at that time I had no kids, I certainly wasn’t married, the only bills I had weren’t yet to hit my door mat in Leeds later that year, so yes, things were different, for me as well as for you. 

We are now navigating something more complex than the student union after one or two vodkas too many, and the fragility of life is, well, more fragile. 

All those years ago, with youth on my side and naivety tagging along for the ride, I somehow got to the otherside of America on my own, went off to uni and was able to keep myself alive and went on to live in Tokyo before settling in London at 23.

There was no map. 

No set route. 

As for career guidance, my 6th tutor cancelled our meeting twice, so I picked a uni at random and hoped for the best. 

It worked out the way it was meant to, but I am not sure a degree in history of art was my finest choice!

I am sure that I winged it quite a lot. 

I felt homesick at times, fax machines were as hi-tech as it got in Tokyo in 1996. 

I got into dodgy situations, and got out of them again. 

The reality was, I had no idea what I was doing, but I got on and did it. 
What I have learned in 2020 is that while we can set resolutions on 31st December and make pretty vision boards to brighten up our social media feeds, all of that can be kicked to the curb by COVID-19 and we have to reset our compass. 

As we head towards a storm winter, I am getting ready to look after myself and protect my energy. 

I’ve got to point where I don’t watch the news anymore, because I seriously don’t need that level of negativity zapping my mind.  

I’ve left the click bait of media websites behind and instead consume magazines and websites that fill me with inspiration, hope and joy. 
Podcasts are calming and I’ve never read or studied as much as I have this year since that forementioned helpful degree. 

Given that the politicians and medics don’t know where we are heading or how this virus is behaving, I have decided that I’m going to steer my own boat and while I’m sure the waves might make me wobble, I know the direction I am taking. 

By setting those goals and having those written down where I can see them, makes it so much easier to remember and focus on. 

If you’re wondering how you are going to push through the challenges coming your way over the coming and how you can keep on track, why not get in touch? 

As well as my one to one coaching options and programme, I will be opening the doors of The PR Pro Collective Private Member’s Club and I cannot wait to welcome guests in. 

This will be a safe space, away from the waves and noise and somewhere you get support, accountability and while we can’t meet up in person for a fizz, we will be running online workshops, masterclasses and there will be a Chriostmas party!

Maybe you are at an agency, part of an inhouse team, a freelance or you run your own PR show in your business, and if you are, this is for you. 
We might not be able to say for sure where we go now, but if you are part of the The PR Pro Collective Private Member’s Club you won’t be alone on your journey and I promise to make your life brighter! 

Got any questions? 

Maybe what it costs? Well, it starts at £27 a month. 

When does it start? That’ll be 05 October at 10am with a welcome FB live. 
Who is it for? You!

Are there rules? Well, being kind is at the top of the list. 
I could go on, but you get an idea.

Get in touch, I love to chat, and you can decide if you are ready to take a pew on my virtual velvet sofa and make the move towards a career and life where you thrive and don’t just survive. 

Natalie x