When You’re Brave, The Magic Happens!

Natalie Trice

Welcome to my new look website and thank you for coming along for the ride.

Whether it’s finding a new job, pivoting your business, finding love or leaving it behind, moving house, or even sharing your life with a pet, putting aside your fears and being brave

I know, from first-hand experience, that when you lead with courage, clear doubts away, and build a life based on self-conviction and bravery, amazing things happen.

Being brave is something I’ve done time and time again and for as long as I can remember. 

As a premature baby, I was brave from the get-go and no incubator was going to keep me down. I worked hard to get away from bullies at school, went to Leeds University without even visiting the city before I started, then jumped on a jumbo jet to Japan on my own at 22 where I taught English in Tokyo and travelled across South Asia for a year. 

During my career I went for the big jobs, took on the most challenging clients, won over the scariest journalists, and always went boldly forwards before I was ready to take the next step. I worked with some of the biggest global brands, such as Cartoon Network, CNN, Discovery Channel, Epson and Animal Planet, and believe me, being brave was the only way to get ahead and succeed in the competitive world of PR.

My son was diagnosed with a chronic condition at three months old and had to endure endless orthopaedic operations, so I set up a charity, put myself forward to medical boards, and went on ward rounds with world-class surgeons as I wrote my first book, Cast Life. I had to close my business for a while and I lost my identity, but bringing people together, challenging the system and ensuring there was support for others, and is proof once again that when you are brave, silence the doubters, and have the conviction to follow your path, you can do anything.

Believing anything is possible, I knew that a landlocked life in the home counties wasn’t for us, so in our early 40s we bravely moved our sons, dogs, and life to Devon and it’s the best thing we ever did, and I am now writing a book to help others do the same.

I took a big leap (have you read the books by Gay Hendricks?) and spent seven months retraining to become a coach. While others made banana bread and jogged along with Joe Wicks, I undertook hundreds of hours of studying, joined twice weekly, live online teaching sessions, read endless books and papers, researched new business ideas, and started to take on clients, which helped make me become the ICF accredited coach I am today. 

Being brave has meant I can now blend my coach training with my PR know how and connect the dots so people can work with me in a range of ways, from one to one coaching, group programmes, courses as well as using me as their PR mentor so they can go their own way in the media. 

While I am not brave 100% of the time – don’t even talk to me about needles or pigeons, it’s a mantra I live by and one I hope sounds good to you. 

If what I am saying resonates with you, and you’d like to know more about how being brave could rock your world, get in touch and let’s chat?


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