What would change in your life if you were more visible?


What would change if you were more visible? 

I know it keeps you safe, out of the reach of criticism and free from judgement, but have you ever stopped and wondered what the benefits of being more visible could be? 

I’m not just talking about the odd Facebook Live or reel on Insta, but really showing up in all areas of your life? 

At work, at home, with your friends, at the school gates (socially distanced of course), in your business, on Zoom calls…the list goes on and but see where I am going with this? 

When we stay in the shadows and play it safe, well, we stay safe. 

We don’t grow. 

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We don’t evolve. 

We don’t reach our full potential. 

We can end up feeling resentful and harbour grudges that are all too often a reflection of being stuck and stopping ourselves from moving ahead. 

I know it’s not easy, heaven knows I was the shy girl at the back of the class who would go bright red if I was asked a question, and the account exec that did the leg work in the background but didn’t shout about her successes, or at least not before someone else could claim them. 

Moving out of our comfort zone and stepping into something new, a little uncomfortable and just a little more stretching than normal, can actually take us on a fantastical ride to places we never dreamed of and allows us to approach and deal with situations with a sense of calm and authority that we see in others but daren’t dream of doing ourselves. 

So, here is my question to you, what would happen if you really started to show up and shine and be visible in all areas for you?

Would you post that super cute selfie you took in the part and not worry that someone, somewhere might roll their eyes? 

Would you finally put yourself forward for the new account manager role and believe you had a chance of not only getting an interview but getting that job? 

That dress you wanted in a size red would love great now, why not buy it and stop waiting until you are a size 12? 

Asking someone to put their mess away isn’t going to be that big a deal, and it could save you a whole load of door slamming if you just said, can you put it away, please? 

Got three new clients this week, wouldn’t it be great if you could tell the world and let them cheer for your successes?

Add the emoji to the end of a message or share a funny GIF on your social media to brighten someone’s day and don’t worry if it’s not the done thing! 

There will always be a well meaning friend or family member who tells you that right now isn’t the time to start your own business, but what if now was exactly the right time and people were crying out for your services? 
Signing up to a dating website might feel like a big deal, but what if it meant you found the love of your life, or at least the love of 2020? 

So you see, we can sit tight and keep things as they have always been, or we can decide that now is the time to make some changes for a brighter more visible further. 

I know which one I am going for – you? 

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If you are curious to know more about how I could help to make those steps towards shining brighter and being visible in all areas of your life, get in touch and let’s chat! 

Have a great weekend, 


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