Three tips on being brave and trusting yourself

Three steps for trusting yourself! 

Thanks for stopping by, how are you doing today? 

As I hope you know by now, my work is all about empowering women like you to be brave. 

Living in fast-paced world, where we seem to be on most of the time, slowing down and listening to what you really can be tough, and trusting yourself, well that can be a whole load of tricky, and some. 

However, learning to trust yourself isn’t just a sensible thing to do, it can also be a brave thing to do. 

Today, that is exactly what I am asking you to consider. 

Start trusting YOU!

Yup, that’s right, now is the time to dial down the doubts and the doubts and bravely trust your own voice, opinion, and intuition. 
When we have a big, or even small decision to make, we can ask the world what they think, but it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks or says, it matters what you think and feel. 

I have three easy suggestions on how you can keep your frequency high and tune into your self-belief. 

Don’t ask anyone else what they think.
I am mean, I know that sounds simple, but have a think about the last time you made a decision, and just how many people you asked for their feedback? Stop that TODAY. 

Ask yourself what the worst is that could happen?
Ask that guy on a date, yup, he could say no. Send your CV for your dream job and not get to the interview stage. Put yourself forward for the PTA, and Jo with twins in year three gets it (lucky escape). 

Ask yourself what is the best that could happen?
When you are brave, the magic happens so you may well go on an amazing date, ace the interview and end up on the cake bake team all because you trusted YOU!

Whatever the situation or scenario might be, when you can be brave enough to trust your voice, your feelings, and your intuition, you can really make strides on your self-esteem, self-worth and your confidence will grow and grow. 

So, my question is, how can you step up your bravery by trusting yourself? 


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