The Visibility Collective

The Visibility Collective Programme is a unique blend of coaching, mentoring and industry training that runs over six weeks and will help you start to believe that you deserve a place at the media table. When you feel visible and valued, it makes it so much easier for you to go out and do the work you love, on your terms and with fantastic results. Forget complicated jargon and fussy plans, this is real life coaching and mentoring and there’s some training thrown into the mix too, because at the heart of getting out there and shining, is strong self-esteem and resolute belief.


Is this you?

  • I want to shout about who I am and what I do but a lack of confidence is holding me back.
  • I have lots of people around me but often feel alone in my business and work life.
  • I want to build my PR business and progress my career, but not sure of my next move.
  • I know I am not charging my worth but I am not sure what price tag to fix to my services.
  • I feel like a fraud and am waiting for someone to find that out.
  • I want to make sure my systems are in place.
  • Having someone check my pitches are right would be amazing.
  • My clients love me and rave about the results I get from them, but it just feels wrong to call myself an expert.
  • I have space in my diary for more clients but I can't work out where to find them.

If you have nodded as you sip your coffee then I want you to seriously consider coming on board, getting out of your own damn way and showing up like I know you can.

The Visibility Collective is here to save the day and will change all of this, and more.

What is the Visibility Collective?

Based on my skills and experience, over the six weeks I will, as your coach and biggest cheerleader, ensure that Imposter Syndrome becomes a thing of the past and that you will want people to know who you are and what you do.

This isn’t a course that you can shy away from.

You will need to get involved and put in the work.

You won’t be able to stay in the shadows, because I believe in you, and I want you to shine.

I will be keeping an eye on you and you will be expected to show up.

This is, after all, a business and self-development investment and I want you to get results that will stay with you, forever.

If you turn up week after week, do the work, chase the opportunities and really put your heart and soul into this, the rewards are high and right there for the taking.

Week by week we will work on taking away the feelings of self-doubt, judgement and second guessing your abilities.

The programme will give you a shining squad of cheerleaders during the course, and I’m pretty sure they will go on to be friends for life afterwards.

By the end of our time together you will have:

  • The belief you can create the life and business you want
  • The skills to make your business come to life and work for YOU
  • The ability to make an impact in the world
  • To say yes to the work that lights you up and no to things that take up too much headspace
  • The confidence to talk the talk, and walk the walk.
  • A purpose led mission statement as a PR professional that sets your media soul on fire.
  • A solid selection of templates to help you create your own back function work.
  • Sharp skills for writing a winning press release and the ability to pitch to the press as if it is second nature.
  • Insider hints and tips so you can hit the ground running, and win.
  • A cheerleader in me and a new network of peers for life.
You will also let go of the thoughts that tell you that you:

  • Aren’t clever enough, talented enough, experienced enough or professional enough to make this work and be a Rockstar PR professional.
  • Have to follow a certain way of doing things to make your business work.
  • Have to hustle 24/7 to make it big in the world of comms.
  • Can only do it when you feel less scared and more in control.
  • It’s impossible for you to make it.
Let me tell you – this is the time to do it!
What's the investment?

Let’s face it, clients gracing the pages of Red and being quoted as an expert in Psychologies is great, but you need the skills and the swagger to go out there and do this, and that is why buying into The Visibility Collective is priceless.

However, there is a price tag and that is £297.

I am super excited about this program and I know that it could be a life changer for you.

Want to find out if this is for you? …I have a sneaky feeling you do.

Get in touch – I would love to chat.

  • £297

    for bi-weekly one hour group Zoom calls that will be recorded and posted for you to refer back to.

  • £297

    for bi-weekly hot seat sessions that will also be on Zoom and recorded for you to watch as and when you need a refresher.

  • £297

    for access to an exclusive Facebook group for the duration of the 12 weeks, that will stay open when our time together is over, so you have your support next in place, forever.

  • £297

    for weekly emailed tasks.

  • £297

    to get access to my 23 years global media experience.

  • £297

    to leave with an About Me page on your website that will make you stand out from the crowd.

  • £297

    for a set of templates to help you create a business you love.

  • £297

    for expert comment on specific topics.

  • £297

    for GUARANTEED steps that will lead you to finding your best you.

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Who am I to coach you?

I am an award winning PR coach who also happens to have over two decades of PR experience working for some of the biggest global brands and most innovative entrepreneurs.

From parties at London Zoo,, to press events in Red Square and animation tours with Cartoon Network around the world, I’ve had a blast when it comes to PR and always stepped way out of my comfort zone.

Given the Positivity Award for 2020 by Women in Business, named as one of 50 Global Female Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2020 by Ideasmench, and one of the top women in media by About Time Magazine in 2019, I like to think I know my stuff, and am here to help you be more visible.


With a huge amount of experience, a large sprinkle of creativity and a passion for self-development, I get a Jimmy Choo sized kick from seeing my clients reach their potential and enjoy business, careers, and lives they love, and that is what this is all about.

My coaching is a unique blend of experience that has been blended with ICF standard training and NLP training as well as being a mental health first aider. I also have a genuine desire for you to be happy, to enjoy your work and to show up and shine as you - because that is your superpower.

I know PR is a tough gig at times, the rejection can be harsh and pitching into darkness is soul destroying BUT I also know it’s a great career and one where you can build the strength, resilience and positivity to help others be their best, just like you.


So, what are you waiting for?