The PR Pro Collective

Private Member's Club


I am so excited to be opening the doors to the PR Pro Collective Private Member's Club.

If you have been looking for somewhere creative, support and fun to hang out, collaborate and reconnect with your inner PR Goddess, you have found it.

For less than the cost of a skinny latte a day, you can have better banter than you'll get with any barista and the feel good hit will last all day.


Using my 23 years of industry experience, plus my extensive coach training, mentoring and mental health first aid training, this will be a private member's club like no other.

Think a warm welcome, deep velvet armchairs, gold frames on the walls painted in Farrow and Ball and a glass of fizz at 5pm...then take it virtual, swap bubbles for coffee, but the welcome is still warm and the support, empowerment and collaboration are still there.

But, here’s the deal on what you get as a founding member:

  • Weekly goal setting and check ins with me
  • An accountability partner so you can stay in your lane and leave the comparisons behind you
  • Templates and checklists
  • Co-working sessions so you can get your head down and get stuff done – together
  • Cheat sheets
  • Job board
  • Chat with experts
  • Me cheerleading you on every step of the way
... And so much more.

Whether you work at an agency, in-house, are a freelancer or run your own business and have a team of staff, there is a seat waiting for you at the member's table.

Maybe you’ve been furloughed, thinking of going solo or are an intern looking to get your big break - those armchairs are there just waiting for you.

While I can't offer you Friday night in the pub, there will be the odd glass of fizz and brainstorm via Zoom and once this party of six lark has stopped, there will be some live events.

More details will be coming soon and I can't wait to unlock the door and welcome you in.

The founder fee will be £27 a month, with a VIP option coming that will give you a one to one session with me each month and that comes on at £77.

So, the question is, are you in??????????