The launch of the PR Brainstorming Sessions with Natalie Trice

When it comes to hats, I can’t say they are top of my accessories list. 
I rarely go to weddings anymore, let’s face it – does anyone right now? 
Baseball caps aren’t on my radar. 

Christmas crackers hit the spot for about 30 minutes on 25 December. 

A swimming cap would make me look like the smaller of the Frankies.

But, bobble hats, hell yeah, they are for me. 




Ear warming. 

Rain beating. 

One bobble. 

Two bobbles. 

Three bobbles more. 

Red, black, pink or green. 


Leopard print. 

Yes please. 

They are multi purpose and I can’t resist a new one when it calls out to me in a shop.  

They also keep my brain in check. 

And of course that is important, because that’s where my work magic sits. 
Talking to people as a way of working might seem easy like an easy win to some people, but I can only do this because of the experience I have gained over the past two decades, plus some. 

Yes, I love being able to coach, mentor, teach and train, but the only way you can help others in that way is if you have all that expertise under your bobble hat! 

And, I do. 

During my 23 year career, as well as the time I spent teaching in Leeds and Japan I have amassed a vast amount of knowledge and expertise. 

While my history of art degree can help me deconstruct a Degas and pick apart a postmodern theory faster than you can say Foucault, working in PR has ensured I know how the media works. 

What makes a story, and what doesn’t. 

How to write a press release. 

The best way to mentor junior members of staff and manage multiple PR agencies across the world at one time.

Blog post writing and treating influencers and journalists with respect, check. 

Scrutinising strategy and rolling out results have been part of the picture for a longtime. 

Getting tanks to roll across Red Square just as the Russian media turn up for a Cartoon Network press event, well that was pretty spectacular.

Putting together feature lists and organising press offices are the bread and butter for any good PR. 

So, why am I telling you this? 

Well, from this month you can join me and my bobble hat on a Zoom call for 30, 60 or 90 minutes and find out what you need to know about PR. 
I realised that my inbox was getting full of requests to pick my brain and I just couldn’t get to them all, and on reflection, that is my job, and so I decided to create the PR Brainstorming Sessions with me.  

Whether you want to go over a plan, look at your systems and fill the gap or need to polish your pitching, I am here to help. 

I can also help in-house teams up their game and businesses create a whole new PR function. No sweat, infact I love doing that!

Yes, I am a career and confidence coach as well, but that doesn’t mean my PR skills are going to waste, instead I am passing them onto you, and who knows where that could take you. 

They bite size sessions are intended to zone in on my areas of genius and help you to build your knowledge and understanding – all over a cuppa and you will get a free side order of my signature cheerleading approach!

Why not get in touch today and see how I could help you to up your game – both when it comes to PR know how and bobble hat shopping.