Visibility Affirmation Cards


31 gorgeous, confidence-boosting affirmation cards. Designed by Natalie Trice, in a smooth satin finish, and illustrated by The Hambridge Artist. Boxed or unboxed.

The beautifully illustrated affirmation cards, come with 31 confidence-boosting affirmations that I hope will encourage a positive mindset for the day ahead, something that can be tricky to muster at the moment, but when done every day, can have a huge impact. I have added two blank cards so you can add a personal, thoughtful affirmation can be added to the deck, allowing further calm, clarity, and visibility into your life.  
I’ve used affirmations for years, my first experience of them was when I lived in Tokyo, and they appeared on everything from notebooks and chopsticks, to drink cans and cookie boxes. At the time, twenty years ago, they just seemed like fun, but today the messages resonate right to my core. When we set out intentions and have a positive affirmation in our minds, it can help keep us on track, be true to ourselves and remind us we can do whatever we want. I am not saying that things won’t come along that will challenge us, they will, but if we keep our goals and affirmations in our minds, repeat them often, we can move ahead with tenacity and strength. I really hope these cards will help people to see the positives in their day, and make them smile when they see just how strong and amazing they are.
The cards come in a smooth satin finish, with beautiful illustrations by Hannah Smith, aka The Hambridge Artist, with both boxed, and unboxed, options available. 
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