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As well as coaching PR professionals, I mentor and train business owners so they can confidently do their own PR. 

I tend to work with entrepreneurs, online  organisations and service based businesses who want to get featured in the press but need a professional to show them the way. 

My job isn’t just to show them how to secure media coverage, but to teach them the skills they need to create their press office function, write a press release, work to a plan that incorporate their goals and visions and then build and empire so they are credible considered to be an expert by clients, peers and the press. 

Forget complicated jargon and fussy plans, this is real-life PR training and mentoring that will help you get out of your way, and out there and shining, selling and feeling absolutely fabulous. 

Are you fed up of:

Seeing competitors in the press? 

Scared of approaching journalists and influence in case they laugh at you?

Unsure of what a press release is and how to write it? 

Baffled by #journorequest? 

Tired of not being seen by thousands of potential clients? 

If you said yes to one of all of these, I am here to save the day and help build your business, confidence and profile. 

Using my extensive PR background and experience, together with proven coaching success and ICF accreditation we can get you knowing what is PR, how to do it for yourself and how to make the most of the coverage you get – there are rules you need to know about – so that you stand out from the crowd and leaves others wanting to know what your secret is.  

Whether you go for a one-off deep dive session, a series of meetings, a VIP strategy day, or a group programme, I’ve got you covered. 

Get in touch and let’s make you a star. 

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