PR Graduates

So you want to work in PR?

I’m so glad to hear that and I can absolutely help you make your dreams come true, so let's get to work.

Whether it's B2B, consumer, corporate, crisis comms, entertainment, or financial PR that has caught your attention, I’ll let you into a secret, it's not going to happen unless you work hard, but you can do it.

The key to success isn’t about a degree from a good university, it’s about going the extra mile, being hungry for success, doing your homework, put yourself forward even when it feels scary, and being visible for all the right reasons.

There is no doubt that the PR industry is competitive, ever changing, fast-paced, and isn't for the faint hearted, but if you're ambitious, hard-working, and have a creative spark that will catch the attention of a super busy account direction, then absolutely get involved.

As your coach, and mentor, I’ll not only will help you decide which area of PR will be right for you, but together we’ll fine tune your CV, identify gaps in your experience, get you ready for interviews, and give you the courage secure a debut role that is right for you.

One off sessions and long term coaching are both options for graduates, and my membership, The Visibility Club, is a cost effective way to access live group coaching sessions with me, as well as having the opportunity to collaborate with other PR people, build relationships, collaborate on projects, and know about jobs that are hot off the press.

Tapping into my invaluable network of business owners, PR professionals, as well as journalist and influencers, working with me at the start of your career, is an investment that will not only give you undeniable confidence and self-belief, but it will give you an advantage in an industry that so many graduates want to be a part of.

If you’re passionate about PR and are willing to put in the hours, then I’m confident that together we can find the right fit for you, and I promise to be your biggest cheerleader every step of the way.

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