PR Consultants

Whether you’re an account assistant, executive, manager or director, or maybe a press officer or comms managers, welcome to the next chapter of your career.

Having worked as a PR for over 23 years, there isn't much I don't know, and not a lot of things that would surprise me, but you’re welcome to give it a go.

I work with a wide range of PR people, at all levels, across all industries and help them deal concerns, issues, and frustrations so they can find new opportunities , or make their current role work better for them.

There's the account executive with their eye on a manager role, but who doesn't feel visible, or valued, in their agency.

The account manager who wants to go to go in-house but isn't sure that they will have the same chances to further their career or how they would climb the ladder if did so.

Coming back from maternity leave, or being furloughed, can be a tough experience, and feeling out of touch with colleagues and clients can mean the old devil imposter syndrome comes into place and makes them doubt their brilliance.

And of course, there are those mavericks who just know that being employed is no longer viable for them, but they aren't sure about how to make that leap to freelancer, or business owner, and obviously can't ask anyone at work what they would do.

As your coach, and mentor, I’m here to listen to your plans, hear your concerns, look at why you don’t feel seen or heard, and then help you to find the best way to step ahead so you can be the very best PR possible.

As well as practical tools and exercises, I have an enviable little black book of contacts to call upon, as well as questions to get you thinking, but at the end of the day, the hard work has be done by you.

We can look at your CV and interview technique, identify your strengths and nail your values and dial down any doubts, so that you find a role that makes your heart sing, your dreams come true and your confidence fly.

Get in touch for a visibility call and let's make 2021 the year you put your stamp on the PR industry.
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