PR Agency Owners

Congratulations my friend, you’re there doing it for yourself, and running the show like the star you are.

I know from my experience that being a PR agency founder can be exhilarating and liberating, but the title comes with expectations and responsibilities, which quite frankly right now can feel heavy.

As well as quite often having to do the PR for your clients, you’re also in charge of new business, pitching, marketing, finances, recruitment, photography, HR, making the coffee, buying the loo roll, and so much more.

This combination of roles can be empowering, but it can also be overwhelming, leaving you asking why you left the comforts of corporate life and a fully stocked stationery cupboard, to go it alone as you work another 50 week and your top client resigns due to this crazy little thing called a pandemic.

Remember, all elements of PR are a marathon, not a sprint and even more true when you’re running the show yourself, but you did not come this far, to only come this far, which is why you probably found me.

As your business coach, and mentor, I can help you to find your purpose again, redefine your definition of success, and allow you fall back in love with your business.

Maybe you need to look at your processes, you might have too many small bits of business on the go, and a number of late payers who make your blood pressure go through the roof, which is not cool.

It could be that you are flying and want to take things to the next level, but just aren't sure how to do that, and while well-meaning family friends tell you to play it safe and that now isn’t the right time to expand, you know it is and need a wing woman.

Well here she is.


Working with me over a period of three to six months can really help you to find a way ahead and once you see what business looks like now, you can decide what you would like it to look and feel like in the future, and we can get to work doing exactly that.

I give clients a safe space, an open floor, and the opportunity to really talk about what is happening for them, so that the darkness lifts and light starts to floods back in. I’ll invite you to explore your business, re-assess your goals, and identify your vision. By identifying your passions and zone of genius, you will be able to step into those shoes and then identify the  help and resources you need in the business agency, so you can make those dreams a reality.

I can also coach and mentor your staff so they feel energised, clear about their roles, and are more likely to stay loyal to you, than jump ship, leaving with you a recruitment issue at a time when you need client results and increased revenue.

There is no doubt that COVID-19 has put more pressure on people than ever, but making that investment in yourself and your business, will offer time for reflection, self-discovery and a clear path forward for the future.

Why not drop me a line today and see if I could help you to create a sustainable empire, and allow you to become the CEO of you, and your business, which in turn will mean happy team members and delighted clients.
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