Natalie Trice Communications Joins Forces with The Write Factor

It is quite an amazing thing to write a book, but to get people to notice it and buy it can be a totally different, but equally challenging task.

When I secured my deal for Cast Life – A Parent’s Guide to DDH, the driving force behind my writing was a desire to reach out to other parents dealing with a condition that isn’t life threatening, but can certainly be life changing.

The book came together pretty quickly; I locked myself away in my office for three months and got on with the job in hand. It was tough, not so much the writing, but having to relive painful moments in my life and reflecting on the operations and recovery periods my son had dealt with, that most adults would have struggled to cope with. The reality was, there was nothing wrong with me so I had to put my big girl pants on and get on with being a mum to both my boys and making sure one of them had the healthy hips he deserved.

Once my manuscript was in the hands of my Editor, I immediately started to plan the PR and actually enjoyed that element of the book process almost as much as researching and writing it.

From the hugely successful launch party to the local press coverage, blogger interviews, competitions and interviews not only in the UK but US and Australia too, I used our story and my access to experts to spread the word about hip dysplasia to a wider audience.

There was denying that the subject matter was niche, but my belief and passion for what I was talking about was real. The story was raw, the stakes were high and this, combined with creativity and the ability to think outside of the rigid parameters of a more traditional PR approach, lead to reams of coverage online, in print and broadcast. Following the success of Cast Life, my published gave me a two-book deal looking at PR for authors and charities, which I am currently busy working on. To tie that together with my PR consulting and other writing work, I’m delighted to announce I am now working with The Write Factor, helping them will all aspects of their PR too.

What really struck me about this North Devon business is that the owners really care about their writers and work hard to support and nurture their talents. Whether it is coaching, ghost writing, the critique of manuscripts or full publishing services, a bespoke approach is taken and I get the impression that clients are really valued and taken care of.

Our first joint venture is the promotion of The House by the Marsh, the debut novel by William Blyghton. Written from the point of view of an older man, this powerful, evocative story gives an honest account of love, loss and sadness and makes you wonder if learning to accept grief, rather than shutting it away in box, is how to move forwards.

Lorna Howarth at The Write Factor, commented, “For some time now, we’ve been looking for a PR company that really gets the ‘small is beautiful’ nature of our business. So, we’re delighted to announce that are now partnering with Natalie Trice Communications for PR on all our new books. Natalie lives in South Devon and is a published author (Cast Life), with a new book in the pipeline called PR For Authors. We’ve seen for ourselves that Natalie is dynamic and creative and a brilliant lateral thinker, and we really look forward to working with her to bring our books to a wider readership.”

I am really looking forward to working with Lorna and her team and hope this will be the start of a very positive partnership.


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