With a PR career spanning more than two decades, it is little surprise that I am in the media spotlight on an ongoing basis. 

From segments on BBC Breakfast and Sky News, to interviews on podcasts, and being seen in a wide range of magazines and newspapers, I walk my walk and talk my talk. 

From how to set up a business and ways to avoid burnout, to tips on being brave and making life changing decisions, as well as landing a book deal and being a hospital mum, I bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the media table. 

As well as a regular advice slot in Pick Me Up, you will find me featured in Health & Wellbeing, Prima, Metro, Stylist, Daily Mail, Huff Post, Stella, iNews, Thrive Global, Zoopla, WeAreTheCiy, Happiful, About Time Magazine and many more outlets, both at home and away.

If you are looking for expert hints and tips, feature continent or interview insight, delivered on time, to the word count and with images, get in touch and I would love to help. 


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“My coaching sessions with Natalie have had a huge impact. I can only describe the sessions as having ‘awoken the soul’. I felt lost and confused with my future in entrepreneurship and I was ready to give up. However, each week my coaching session removed another layer of doubt, confusion and lack of confidence. It wasn’t that I didn’t believe in myself as an entrepreneur, it was because I was on the wrong path and I felt confused. I like to tell people that Natalie helped me to unmuddle my noisy mind.”
“Natalie is kind, considerate, and always took my opinions into account. She’s friendly and smiley and she encourages me to feel the same way. She’s really helped me feel better because of her teaching about coping mechanisms and has helped me to feel so much more confident.”
“My business had got to the point where I kept feeling I needed someone to talk to about my plans. Like everyone else, I’ve heard of coaches and seen people talk about their coaches, so I thought this was what I needed. But who? The opportunity came up to work with Natalie and after our first session I couldn’t believe how much had been unravelled and how much clearer my thought processes / to do list was. I always come away invigorated and excited and have found that person to talk to about my plans.”

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