It’s time to show up and shine

Show up and Shine


I love September. 

The air is fresh. 

Apples are on the trees.

The sea is cool.

The notebooks are clear. 

Even in the midst of a pandemic, there’s still hope and possibility glistening like spider webs in the morning dew. 

I will be honest, I am excited about the rest of 2020. 

The start of 2020 was a rollercoaster ride of COVID as clients dropped away, but it feels like the wind has calmed and the outlook is brighter.

Ideas and plans that weren’t even on the horizon this time last year are now bubbling to the surface and just waiting to come to fruition.

Last week I completed my amazing coach training, more about that later this week, and it’s really put a spring in my step. 

As I look out of my office window this morning, look out across the Devon countryside, my mind is full of ideas and my new 2020-2021 is already packed with ideas and scribbles, artistic ones, of course! 

I am pledging to really start building up my coaching practice, as well as offering first class service of my retained clients and lecturing students. 

Over the past few weeks I’ve had some incredible results for clients who have been struggling with showing up. 

They felt out of their depth when it came to owning their space in the world and we did some really deep work to look at why that was. 


Fear of rejection. 

Imposter syndrome. 

Fear of failure. 

Fear of success! 

There are all things that were coming up, but things that we worked on together so they could push past the pain and make progress. 

So they could celebrate who they are and what they do. 

And be visible and proud. 

Visibility might seem like the word of the moment, but  it’s something so many people struggle with. 

And, for so many reasons. 

If you are asking the world to look at you, there can be that little rascal on your shoulder saying, what’s so special about you! 

It can keep us back from really talking about who we are and what we stand for. 

Yes, it can keep us safe, free from scorn and the judgement of others, but it can also hold us back from being who we truly are. 

We can worry about putting that post out on Facebook. 

Adding new content to LinkedIn can feel scary. 

IG Lives, yup another pathway out of our comfort zone but one that can lead us to amazing places – if anyone can recommend a good course for IG please let me know. 

What I am saying is that you can let the world watch you and keep small, or you can go big and let the world see just how blinking amazing you really are. 

Now is not the time to stand back and hide in the shadows. 

Being a wallflower might have been an option at the school disco, but it’s not going to help you to dazzle right here, right now in the real world. 

There is so much out there for the taking, we just need to pluck up the courage to go out there and do it.

To get out of our own way.

To put that shoulder rascal away.

To put on our good enough shoes and dial positive FM.

My pledge for the rest of 2020 is to really show up and shine in all areas of my life. 

Tell me, are you in, or are you IN? 

If you would like to talk about what’s holding you back when it comes to showing up and shining, why not get in touch and we can have a chat? 

I work with clients on a one to one basis, as well as offering group programs and a new membership is opening in October. 

Coaching isn’t a one size fits all, so I have something for everyone and whoever you are, I would love to know how I could help you to show up and shine. 


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