Get Visible in 2021 with Natalie Trice

Want to be the glossy magazines but not sure how to do it?

Got a story to tell, but no idea how to unpack it?

Looking to shout about who you are and what you do, but just not quite brave enough to go for it?

Fed up of seeing your competitors in newspapers and hearing them on podcasts?

Waiting for your time to shine, but it never does?

Then, you my darling, are in the right place.

As the Visibility Duchess I empower women to show up and shine, and on Tuesday 8th December you have the chance to start doing exactly that.

My three hour Get Visible in 2021 workshop will help you to not only understand what PR, but also give the key to unlock your media potential.

So, what’s on the table:

  • Setting the PR scene.
  • Why do PR and how it could help you in 2021.
  • Creating your media vision.
  • Putting your plan together.
  • Press releases and pitches.
  • Bonus session of handy daily tips and tricks to set you on the path to PR success.

As well as my 23 years of PR experience, I combine my ICF standard coaching training to help you work out the route that is right for your business.

My mission is not only to give you a toolkit to go out and wow the world, but to also be your biggest cheerleader and show you that you really can be in the press, for all the right reasons.

You will leave the morning with a clear idea of why you want to do PR, how it could help build your business and what you need to do to be taken seriously by the press, will become clear.

The session is £137, with pre-workshop materials and post session templates, as well as a prize or two. 

Bring a cuppa, a plate of mince pieces, plenty of Post It’s and prepare to be visible in a whole new way.

For booking please email me at and let’s get this PR party of yours started.

Happy to answer any questions. 


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