Don’t let corona zap your confidence

Banana bread, growing veg in the garden and painting rainbows on windows may have been part of the honeymoon period of COVID-19, but five months into what we are calling a new normal and for some of us things are getting a little more real. 

Being out with friends, going to work, getting to the gym and just having the freedom to do as you please, are an integral part of who you are and your confidence, and when that is taken away, things can start to feel a little bit fragile and the good enough gremlins can come crawling back to you. 

It’s true that at the moment very little in our lives is certain, and with daily updates things can feel terrifying, making us want to run and hide.

Unpredictably is playing a big part in our lives and when we are worried about a lack of work, getting sick or losing a loved one, all kinds of scenarios play out in our heads. 

Everyone is different and the pandemic is coming at us all at different angles, but those age-old feelings of not being good enough can come and bite us on the bum when we least expect it, but it doesn’t have to be that way. 

I have some tips I want to share with you that I hope will help you to keep calm and carry on the way I know you can! 

Forget the filters 

Yes, it might seem that everyone else has got their stuff together on social media, but look beyond the posts! Seeing client wins on Facebook and cheerful, colourful content on IG isn’t always a true reflection of what is really happening (I have been known to bribe my kids for perfect pic’s) so don’t let those things turn up the ‘not good enough’ frequencies in your life. 

It isn’t the end of the world 

Rather than going right for the worst-case scenario that the world is going to end, just steady yourself and see what is really happening. When your mind wanders towards worry and the frightening feelings of uncertainty return, refocus your mind on the present moment, look at what you can do in the here and now and remember, you are good enough to get through this. 

Get it down on paper 

I haven’t kept a diary for many years, but over the past few weeks I’ve started to do it again, and love it. It’s part thoughts, part memes, the odd drawing, a lot of lists and at the end of the day I write down three good things – something that we do in The Good Enough Club as well. I won’t be winning any Booker Prizes but it’s great to have somewhere to put my thoughts and get them out of my head and onto paper and it could help you too. It’s also a great excuse to buy new notebooks and journals, speaking of which, I now have a range of stationery on Amazon, do check it out! 

Remember, that you can do this.

Things might feel tough right now, but they will get better.

If you fancy a chat about how I could help you get clear on where you are, and where you want to be, get in touch and I am all ears.


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