About Natalie

I love working with female experts and taking them from zero to hero when it comes to their PR so they can grow their business and shine.

Natalie Trice

Natalie is an articulate, professional PR director with an international career spanning more than two decades.  Having worked on a local, national and global level, she knows exactly how to put businesses and experts in the spotlight for all the right reasons.

As well working with retained clients and on bespoke projects, Natalie also teaches entrepreneurs to do their own PR, so they shine and become seen as experts in their field, just as she is trust pro by the media and has an enviable contacts book.

From media parties on Red Square to animal antics at London Zoo, Natalie has worked her creative magic for Adobe, Animal Planet, Cartoon Network, Discovery Channel, Epson and Hewlett-Packard and many, many more organisations.

Things don’t stop there. Natalie is a published author and on the back of her first book, Cast Life, she founded DDH UK, a charitable trust that supports thousands of people around the world with hip dysplasia, and sits on a number of medical boards in the UK, US and Canada.  PR School: Your Time to Shine is Natalie’s second book and is a masterclass in self-promotion. This book naturally ties into her training and mentoring work at PR School, which helps people to understand PR and they go onto put their learning into practice thanks to Natalie’s confidence boosting approach.

Determined and committed, with the capacity to effectively negotiate and influence, Natalie has the vision and ability to deliver outstanding results and build solid relationships with clients and the media.

With a team on-hand to add value and support, whether you’re a start-up, growing business, charity or entrepreneur, if you’re looking for proactive PR that will help to you grow, get in touch to see how Natalie can help.