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Tell me about you and your business.

It’s Monday and I love the start of a fresh new week, full of hope and promise.

Today I am delighted to be sharing A Day in the Life with Amy from Neo PR and really hope you enjoy an insight into her life and work.

I am a newly joined Senior Account Manager at Neo PR.  Neo PR is a new breed of B2B technology PR in a digital age. Based in Buckinghamshire and specialising in the technology sector, Neo PR delivers PR outreach campaigns that are content-rich with relevant and meaningful messages that resonate and start a conversation.

What is your morning routine before you get to your desk?

I wake up and get my miniature Dachshund out of her crate, she is a 12-week old puppy called Baguette. Once she is old enough, I expect I’ll go out for a walk with her in the morning but for now, we have a little play and some breakfast before getting ready to sit down at my desk. 

What’s the first thing you do when you get to your desk?

Check my emails and our internal chat system to see if anything urgent has cropped up overnight. I like to prioritise my day so I’ll often look back at my to-do list from the day before to make sure everything is crossed off before writing a new list.

Tongue in cheek question, what does a typical day look like for you?

Normally I check my calendar for any client calls, this way I can plan my to do’s and action what needs to be done first. I get a cup of tea around 10.30am, maybe have a quick play with Baguette. I try to chunk my work so that I’m not juggling three different tasks at once, but it is challenging to not fall into that trap! At lunch, I like to go for a quick run which sets me up for the afternoon, where I’ll finish any priority assignments and begin to plan the next day. After work, I’ll rustle around in the fridge for inspiration for dinner. When COVID is over, I’d arrange to see a friend for dinner at least once a week, but we have a while to go until I can get back to my beloved Pizza Express.

What do you see as the biggest challenges for PR at the moment?

COVID-19 hit all industries really hard and at first, clients didn’t know how to react so the challenge was having to quickly adapt to the client’s new way of working. As the pandemic has continued, businesses are starting to get back to the ‘new normal’ and PR has moulded around this. There is still news to share, opinions to be had and supporting the clients through PR is really rewarding, especially in these tough times. 

We know working in PR can be stressful, how do you look after yourself, as well as your clients?

Looking after myself is easy, I like to run. I usually go for a run most lunchtimes for 20 minutes and blast two miles to clear my head and rest for the afternoon. Looking after the clients to me means being available to them when they need you, that doesn’t mean being on call 24/7, that just means being efficient in the way you work. They’re probably bogged down in a lot of internal communication and if we can make their jobs easier, then we’ve done a good job ourselves. 

What plans do you have for 2021? 

In terms of career, settling into my new role at Neo PR and getting to grips with the variety of clients that we have is top of the agenda, and actually meeting the team in person! In terms of personal plans, I want to go on holiday! I, along with the majority of the UK are looking forward to getting on a plane, switching off and sipping cocktails by the pool. Smaller term plans include going to see my friends and family who I haven’t been able to see over the last year. 

What advice would you have for someone looking to start a PR career?

Be confident and believe in yourself! Stepping into the world of PR can be extremely daunting. It is a fast-paced environment so being organised is key. From an agency perspective, you could be juggling 6,7 or 8 clients, all with different demands – so things could start to slip if you’re not on top of things. For me, making a weekly list with all of my main points to do and breaking it down into daily lists helps to make things more digestible and less overwhelming. 

What motto do you live and work by?

Do what makes you happy. 

Thank you Amy, and this week, let’s take her advice and do what makes us HAPPY!


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