Tom Oswald from ClickASnap is ‘In the Spotlight’

Each week I plan to bring you an interview from someone who has stood out from the crowd in terms of their business and approach to working.

Today it’s the turn of Tom Oswald from ClickASnap who has an interesting past, an innovative current business and look out for his name when it comes to cracking interstellar travel in the future.

Over to you, Tom. 

Tell me about your business.
My name is Tom Oswald and my background has been extensively in new technology development. I have several patents and have developed technology in a wide variety of fields including on-licence, laser spectroscopy, and online tech

ClickASnap, my current business, is the worlds, free to use, paid per view photo hosting site. In a nutshell it does for pictures what Spotify does for music, and Youtube has done for video, it allows users to earn money for their content just based on people viewing their imagery

Who is your target audience and how do you communication with them?
We actually have several target audiences. On the supply side it is image creators, so photographers, artists and graphic designers. On the demand side it is the consumers of imagery, both digital and physical. We currently communicate with our audiences primarily through display advertising as this is far more effective and orders of magnitude cheaper than social media

What are the main challenges you face?
We are competing against some of the biggest companies on the internet today, Flickr, Facebook and more. Also there is considerable sceptism about revenue earning sites particularly as a few have folded due to poorly thought out monetisation systems. One of our biggest advantages so far is having one of the worlds top photographers (Mike Browne) on side. He introduced ClickASnap to his 200,000 subscribers and this made a huge difference to our growth. You can see his intro video here

What is your USP?
We allow you to turn your photos into a revenue stream without you or your viewers having to pay anything.

Who would be your business mentor and why?
Jeff Bezos, I love what he does, he’s turned a simple shopping website into a business that permeates almost every aspect of modern life, including the ability to build my business.

If you could appear in any publication, what would it be and why?
Probably New Scientist, hopefully for cracking interstellar travel (it really bugs me that we can barely get outside of our own solar system in our lifetime). 

What words of wisdom can you give anyone thinking about starting their own business?
Do not give up! Unless you’re extremely lucky, everything that can go wrong will go wrong and you’ve got to have a plan for when this happens then carry it out and maintain a flexible approach. ClickASnap started as a video hosting platform, we pivoted to a unique world first product because everything went wrong!

How do you keep a work life balance going? Or do you?
Admittedly I don’t have a work life balance, but I do love my work and the challenges associated with building start-ups.

Who or what inspires you? 
Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk are two of my biggest inspirations, I love that they have made huge amounts of capital from real business’s and continue to invest their money changing the world with projects like SpaceX, Hyperloop, Blue Horizons etc

For more information go to Tom’s website or ClickASnap

You can follow Tom on Twitter at @tomforex and @ 


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