Natalie Trice

PR Director

What Natalie doesn’t know about PR, probably isn’t PR! With an eye for a story, a love of the media and a serious magazine habit, Natalie is at the heart of the agency and loves her work as well as her clients and her team.

Specialising in the health, wellness and coaching industries, Natalie  brings her clients a wealth of experience, ideas, connections and RESULTS.

When Natalie isn’t at work, she will be found on the beach with her sons, husband, and their dog, Dotty, in south Devon.

Kelly Kemp

Content Queen

Kelly is the Queen of Content, whipping up eye-catching graphics, landing pages, mailing lists and web content at the touch of her keypad so that Natalie Trice Communications stands out from the crowd.

Kelly has worked with a range of clients including coaches, bloggers and small businesses worldwide.  She lives in Birmingham with her husband, son and daughter, and is rarely without chocolate.



Francesca Baker

Storyteller Extraordinaire

Francesca’s skillset and experience are varied - covering copywriting, journalism, marketing, research and PR - but always centred around communication and creating a connection. Ultimately, she works with stories - and creating the right stories and messages to resonate with an audience. 

When she’s not working she’s busy reading and writing (she still visits the local library at least once a week!), going on walks to explore, or sampling some tasty wine. 

Find her on social media @andsoshethinks

Dotty & Coco

News Hounds

Coco and Dotty are the News Hounds and can sniff out a hot story at thirty paces and they are hot on the heels of new clients! At meetings, they are partial to a bowl of water and a biscuit or two, but don’t mention the ‘w’ word within ear shot, or they’ll be flying out of the door faster than the latest press release leaving our inboxes.


Who’s Next? 

We don’t have any vacancies at the moment but if you are good with words and know your advertorial from your editorial, get in touch as we would love to hear from you.

Natalie and the Team