Investing in the Lunchbox Doctor could transform your employees’ wellbeing and boost your profits

Employee health is big news in the UK and while it is estimated that 45% of employers offer some kind of workplace wellbeing scheme, given that 80% of companies in the US are doing the same[i], this number is only set to rise. 

Gym memberships, onsite yoga, and mindfulness sessions are top of the list when it comes to help, but Jenny Tschiesche, aka The Lunchbox Doctor, thinks organisations are missing a trick if they don’t look at what their people are eating and drinking. 

Jenny works with organisations to educate them and their teams about the foods that will help reduce stress, sleeplessness and maintain high performance. Via workshops, workplace programmes and cooking demonstrations, Jenny translates and simplifies the science of nutrition, making it relevant and applicable to everyday life and giving people control over their health, and careers.

Jenny says, “What we eat has a huge impact on our performance at work, with concentration, energy, focus and productivity all being improved when you eat the right diet. I work with blue chip organisations to create workplaces where people thrive because they nourish their bodies and brains with great food. 

She adds, “A recent study found stigma around mental health struggles and burnout costs the UK economy £1.4bn a year through unexplained sick days.[ii] It is also thought that 15.4 million working days were lost in 2017/18 due to stress, with the top five symptoms being fatigue, sleeplessness, aches and pains, anxiety, and weight gain. These are all issues affected by our diet, and I believe that if employers start to address food it could bring many rewards. Whether you want to boost productivity, reduce stress, increase employee engagement, see a fall in absences or bring down long-term sickness costs, I can help turn things around so you not only have happy workers, but hard working ones who stick around for longer.”

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Nutrition expert and author, Jenny Tschiesche, is the founder of, which provides a range of resources, menu plans, recipes and nutrition advice. She has a degree in Nutritional Therapy from Bedfordshire University.

Her career as a nutritionist has seen her work with Olympic athletes; design recipes for the likes of the BBC, Cancer Research and Premiership Rugby amongst many others; and make regular appearances in the national press as a nutrition expert.

Jenny is an inspired and inventive cook who has worked with athletes, sporting bodies, people dealing with illness, parents, fussy eaters and children. She has helped thousands of clients and conducted seminars, workshops and lectures globally. A gifted speaker and presenter, she is also a regular contributor to the national press, BBC radio and TV.

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