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New website, new blog, new features.

Each week on Natalie Trice Communications, I am going to bring you a breath of fresh in the form of business people who are doing it for themselves.

In my work, networking, time at the school gates and down on the beach, I come across a wonderful mix of people who are doing incredible things.

Arabella is one of these very people. She welcomed me to Devon with open arms and as the Editor of she offers the ultimate guide to being a parent in Exeter.

Over to you…..

I’m Arabella, 40 something mum of two strong girls aged 14 and 6. Born in Devon, I headed off to Uni in Bristol, where I met Mr Husband (2 decades ago – eeek) and trained as a lawyer, working in Bristol, Leeds & London. Once our family started, the call of the sea was too much and we returned to Devon for a life of beaches, pets, cycling and green things.

What is your morning routine in the week?
I’m generally up at 6 and get that coffee pot on! I do a quick check of my diary and emails to make sure I have my day planned out, then in theory I’ll spend half an hour on a gentle, calming yoga routine to ground myself for the day but in reality, not so much. Either the cat dragged something in, or the dog needs an urgent walk or someone forgot to put gym kit out to be washed – there’s always a minor crisis to be dealt with before everyone else gets up.

We’ve a variety of pets to feed, water and walk so that takes up a chunk of time before making breakfasts and packed lunches, hassling for hair brushing and getting the bikes ready for the school run.

Tell me a bit more about your business and where you see it going towards the end of 2017?
Ohh, so many plans to provide an amazing service to local parents and to help local businesses connect with the families who want and need their services.

We want to be the first place local families look for everything they need in Exeter. From finding out the times of the local playgroup, to checking out what’s happening this weekend to researching the best baby classes for their little one – it’s all there in one easy to navigate place. We also want to support other local businesses (so many of whom are other working mums) by providing a simple, effective and cost-savvy way them to connect with parents and share their family related businesses.

We’ve lots of new features coming out on the site, such as specific sections for the fabulous towns around Exeter; a printed magazine; more updates for local events and even better solutions for local businesses.

How do you promote your business?
I love to network and create communities so often swap exposure with complimentary businesses. The key is for you both to make sure you are adding value to each other’s readers so it’s a win for everyone.

If you could be interviewed in the media, anywhere, where would it be?
I don’t really like being in front of the camera so it would have to be on the radio. If I were offered an interview on Woman’s Hour, I’d really think I had arrived.

What is the biggest challenge for parents who work?
Working through the guilt. It’s time our media realised it’s well-nigh impossible to be a perfect parent and employee at the same time and stops trying to guilt trip us at every turn.

How could the Government make things easier?
By putting some policies in place that actually help families, rather than tick some mythical box. Supporting and protecting our children goes much further than throwing a few pence an hour at overworked and undervalued childcare providers.

The government should start with making sure parents have access to good quality, well paid jobs so they can support their families. Jobs in truly family friendly work environments so parents can contribute their skills and energy to society as a whole and have the time, energy and resources to raise amazing kids who are in turn going to contribute so much. (Not to mention look after us in our dotage).

What words of wisdom can you give other working parents for dealing with the everyday juggling family and work?
Decide what is most important to you and work towards that. When you sit down and really think about what makes you happy, it’s never that new car or new shoes. It’s almost always family, friends, days at the beach, doing things not having things.

Cut out the things that aren’t serving your goal and then try not to stress about the rest.

If you are running late what is the one thing that will make you feel confident?
A big blast of perfume of perfume always lifts my mood. And friends have got used to my semi-compulsive hair brushing too – that always seems to calm me down.

What would be your perfect day off?
A bright sunny autumn walk along the beach with family, friends and dogs and then home for popcorn and movie in front of the fire while someone else cooks supper.

Arabella writes about crafts with kids, cooking and parenting at – where you can find everything you need to be an awesome parent in Exeter too. Be the first to know of family friendly events in Exeter by signing up to the weekly newsletter.

If you would like to share your story here, get in touch and let me know more about you and what you do.


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