Blogger Outreach

As well as being an author, PR and writer, I am also a blogger.

I’ve been blogging for over five years and The Rebel Pebble is like my third child.

Blogging has taken off over the past decade and there is no denying the power of bloggers and their ability to boost brands and create ‘hype’.

Being a blogger and professional Comms Consultant, gives me a unique insight into this ever-evolving world.

My personal relationships and professional reputation, means I have direct access to some of the most influential beauty, fashion, lifestyle and parenting bloggers around.

Every blogger is an influencer, each one has a niche and USP and that is what I love to tap into.

I know how bloggers work, what they look for, how they operate and what makes a brand attractive to them.

I build relationships based on trust, offer them something in return for their hard work and, because of this transparent approach, my clients benefit too.

I work with a range of clients on blogger outreach projects and am sure I could help you too.


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