20 years a PR, how did that happen?

One minute I was touching down in Heathrow after an English teaching stint in Tokyo, the next I realise I’ve been working in the world of PR for


That wasn’t ever really the plan.

To be honest, I didn’t ever have a plan.

At university I studied history of art, not vocational but with a student grant and weekly digs that cost less that we pay for breakfast these days, what did I have to lose? At 17 I wasn’t thinking about wanted to do for the rest of my life I just wanted to live in an exciting city and study something I would enjoy and actually get out of bed for.

Five years later and I was in London with a decent degree, world travel under my belt and a temping job at a PR agency. I was too busy partying in Camden to think about rising through the ranks, but after a while it seemed that I was pretty good at PR and I kind of liked the thrill of seeing clients in the media and organising events.

My early days as the Account Executive for Kwik Save (remember them) lead me to the heady heights of IT PR, and what I didn’t know about printer consumables in 2001 simply wasn’t worth knowing about. I then went onto be a Press Officer at Sense before getting my breakthrough role working on Animal Planet and Discovery Channel. This was amazing, Pan European experience, a lot of travel and the opportunity to take journalists behind the scenes on some fantastic programmes and even introduce them to the late Steve Irwin at London Zoo.

I went onto more animal antics at Earthwatch, before landing what was my most prestigious role as the PR Manager for Cartoon Network, Boomerang and TCM across Europe the Middle East and Africa. This was a full-on job that saw me living out of a suitcase, flying in and out of Amsterdam, Budapest and Moscow on a regular basis and managing 12 PR agencies around the world. With a fantastic team, TVs on our desks and Carnaby Street just over the road, I had the time of my life working here. Long hours, yes. Politics, maybe. Stress, of the scale at times, but if I could go back, I would.

Well, I would but I can’t because I’m now a mum of two, living in Devon with my husband and our two dogs. I am also a published author, blogger, writer and of course, I will always be a PR.

www.pexels.comAs I sat on the beach this morning it dawned on me that it was 20 years since I wrote my first CV and entered the world of PR. A world that is all about reputation, about relationships and about communicating and a world that I love and one that is in my blood.

Yes, things have changed with the internet and social media but a press release is still a press release, a media interview still needs planning and while contacts come and go, you still need them. The landscape has changed and as professionals we have to be more creative with our approach as more and more magazines and papers close down, but it can be done and the results can be exceptional.

Whether I was talking about large format printers, disability, documentaries about the bush craft trade or hip dysplasia, I knew what angle would work, how to get journalists to listen to my pitch and got the results.

If you want to get you and your brand out there and in front of the right audience, PR is a brilliant way to do it and I can help you get it right.

Get in touch for a chat and let’s see where you fit into the current conversation.


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